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Training  Program

"Anything forced or misunderstood can never be beautiful." ~Xenophon


Our foundational training program for select horses is designed with the long term in mind. Training is a process that doesn't happen overnight.  When starting or restarting a horse, it is always recommended they stay for a minimum of 3 months to get their training underway. This allows enough time for the horse to start retaining those newly formed good habits and correct musculature.

The use of classical dressage fundamentals is prominent in the training of the horses here at Horse Logical Training.  Groundwork is essential to training in that it allows us to partner with our horse and learn boundaries of respect. It leads us into training on the lunge line and further strength building exercises. Through these exercises, the horse and human build an even greater line of communication. After this routine is established, the horse and human can then move gradually forward into the riding part of the relationship and the choice of your desired discipline. 

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Lessons and Clinics

Lessons are given with a classical approach by focusing on rider position, balance, application and coordination of the riding aids. While lessons are geared towards your desired discipline, the rider's seat is at the heart of every sport. We have a load of different riding exercises to help improve strength and balance. We strive for confident riders, no matter the skill level or experience.

Lessons on the longe line are also available and are extremely helpful for all riders and levels. It allows them to focus solely on themselves, building the skills necessary for a strong and confident rider. They are a fabulous 30 minute workout that can be done with a partner or Elizabeth is happy to longe you for the duration of the lesson. 


Training Program Lessons:

Included in your horse's training program, lessons with your horse will be arranged when the time is right. As your horses' training gets higher on the training tree, then it is time to start incorporating your training into the program as well. It is a crucial part of the training process that you and your horse learn to communicate with the same language.

Elizabeth offers haul in lessons at Prime Time Equine, located at  62 Freshwater Ln. Lexington, VA 24450

They are host to a large multi-purpose outdoor arena, trails, jumps, and x-country jumping. There is also a loop around driveway for an easy turnaround. Groundwork and riding clinics are also offered here on a monthly basis in the warmer months of the year. 


Elizabeth is also available for 1-2 day riding or ground work clinics at your location. Pricing will vary with travel distance.


BEMER Therapy

BEMER uses PEMF technology to deliver its proprietary signal throughout the horse’s body, targeting the microcirculatory system resulting in optimized blood flow. Bemer sessions are automatically included in your horse's training package.

Off site Bemer sessions:

One time session: $50.00

Bundle of 4 or more sessions: $40.00 each

One session with the purchase of one lesson: $40.00

Equine Sports Massage Therapy

The pairing of massage and Bemer therapies is a powerful combination.

When used during training, before and after competition, massage helps to keep muscles healthy, and speeds repair of damage incurred during the physical stresses of competition.

Various massage and stretching techniques enable the horse to perform to its fullest potential in a number of ways. Improving circulation, enhancing muscle tone, relaxing muscle spasms, prevent and relieve adhesions, and increase range of motion are just a few ways that massage can help your horse.  Massage can also benefit any horse's wellbeing by releasing tension and aid in mental relaxation. Bemer is always used to assist an Equine Massage. Click the button to learn more about Bemer. 

Massage and Bemer Combo: $120.00

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