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Phase 1 - Brand New

Picture taken in December 2014.

The initial purshase of 23 acres in Natural Bridge, VA . The land is beautifully laid out with three spurs leading down to the main valley at the bottom. Each are separated with strips of wooded area in the meadows, and surrounding the land is thicker wooded area that acts as a natural barrier that also houses wildlife. The tough part is picking the perfect spot for the barn to be placed. I'm sure we will figure something out! 




Phase 2 - In The Works

Picture taken May 2015.

The plans  for the 8 stall barn are all set and construction has begun.  We are excited to have the posts in the ground!  With warmer weather in the spring, production should move a bit better than it did this winter. We look forward to seeing the finished barn.



Phase 3 - Nearly There

Picture taken Feb 2017

The barn is nearly complete with work to begin on the 60ft round arena in May 2017.  The barn may not have it's skin yet, but the inside is very functional.  Six of the eight stalls are completed, with two of them acting as a large double stall. The aisle way is an L shape.  On the short end, we have installed an excellent drain system allowing it to be used as the equine shower station. The ceiling is 12 feet tall making the inside of  the barn feel open and airy, easily allowing the natural light to come in and keep it bright and welcoming.


Finishing Phases -

Are we ever really finished?  There is always something to add or improve on. However,  now we are in a fully functioning phase of our facility.  We have improved the  fencing by making it 3 board, along with the addition of two more fields.  The ring ended up being approximately 68 feet, so we have a little extra room to work.  It is excellent for starting horses and giving private lessons.  We can take on clients, and continue giving the horses excellent care and training.  

Double click on the photos to get a better look, and description.  They are best viewed on a PC or Laptop.

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