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"My time spent working with Elizabeth Barker was an education in the details of horsemanship. Lizzy’s eye could pick out the subtleties in a horse’s behavior that lets a trainer or rider know what is about to happen. With this keen intellect she was able to apply her instinctive feel into practice by walking a student through the “what happens next” phase. I saw many transformations under her instruction in both horse and rider alike. Any horse I got on that had come from Lizzy’s program I knew had all the right buttons in the all the right places and it made me feel safer because of it. She is truly a harmonious and thorough horsewoman and I wish I could continue my work with her to this day."

Samantha Capoferri

Owner/Trainer of Gallifrey Farm

Pembroke, GA

"Lizzy did an absolutely wonderful job training my two draft fillies. She knows what she is doing and the horses respond in kind. A kind, gentle but well disciplined school with clear expectations and goals. I highly recommend!"

Elizabeth Biggs

Owner of Berriedale Farms

Williamsville, VA

"I just want to say thank you to Elizabeth Barker for all her help with Ace, as well as sculpting me into a better rider, building my confidence, and always giving me a kind word when I needed it. Words can not describe how grateful I am have had you as an instructor, Lizzy."

Jessica Coulson

Owner of JLC Equine Massage Therapy

Fredon, NJ

"I am so grateful for my wonderful horsey friends! If you are struggling with training issues or need a young horse started, I strongly recommend Horse Logical Training LLC, with Elizabeth Barker. She is Awesome! Not only is she an extremely talented trainer, she has a heart of gold and a passion for her work. Elizabeth specializes in reining but can get your horse started in any discipline."

Amanda Buchanan

Owner of Buchanan Livestock Company

McCauley Brand feed representative

Middlebrook, VA

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The atmosphere at Hidden Meadows Farm is relaxed, friendly, and professional.

Elizabeth is a triple certified equestrian in Training, Instruction, and Equine Massage Therapy. The goal of the facility is to provide excellent care and quality training to each and every horse on it. It is also to guide the owners through the training process so that they can be combined in a strong communicative relationship. Horses should feel confident in their routine going to work consistently and learning to become a good citizen of the barn. Owners should feel relaxed and completely comfortable with their horses being here for training.


  • 2020 Rookie Professional Champion for Southeastern Reining Horse Association "SERHA"

  • Owner of HLT since 2015

  • Independent Bemer Distributor since March 2020

  • Instructor at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre for 5 years teaching western, dressage, showing, training, and barn management classes

  • Certified Level 3 Trainer through MMIEC

  • Certified Riding Instructor through MMIEC

  • Certified Equine Massage Therapist

  • Flag team creator, choreographer and coach

  • Performed riding and training demonstrations at Visitor’s Days for Meredith Manor

  • Completed course in equine breeding at Ohio State in 2004

  • Training in farrier sciences

  • Leatherwood Mountains, located in NC as a riding instructor, farm staff member, and trail guide

  • Instructed training clinics

  • Has experience in multiple disciplines including dressage, eventing, jumping, cutting, reining, thoroughbred racing, sorting, rodeo, and driving.

  • Developed a bi-level continuing education program called "Horsemanship and Riding" through the Community College of Wilkesboro in NC.

  • NRHA member and competitor

  • AQHA member

  • Showing and rodeo experience since 1997

  • Exercise rider for Mountaineer Racetrack

  • Presented training videos for Go Wilkes Television Network called "Saddle Tips"

  • Capable truck and trailer driver


** Equine Education

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

March 4th 2005 ▪ Riding Master VI

  • Training III Certification

  • Teaching  Certification

  • Equine Massage Therapist Certification 

  • Graduated with High Honors

  • Outstanding Rider Award and Show Champion


**Professional References

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