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The atmosphere at Hidden Meadows Farm is relaxed, friendly, and professional.

Elizabeth's goal, as a triple certified equestrian, is to utilize her knowledge and skills as a rider, trainer, and instructor to train the horses in her care to their fullest potential.  It is also to guide their humans through the training process so that they can be combined in a strong communicative relationship. Horses should feel confident in their routine going to work consistently, and owners should feel completely comfortable with their horses being here for training.

Elizabeth has been accepting training horses at Horse Logical Training since 2016, two years after her and her husband broke ground on the farm. Her most recent experience before moving to Natural Bridge, VA is becoming a riding and training instructor at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre, in Waverly, WV. From March of 2011 until Nov. 2014, almost five years there proved to be another extension of her education. As an instructor of western riding classes, western showing class, and training II-VI, she experienced an array of personalities of both humans and equine. The ability to appropriately pair students with equine partners is impertinent. She would also oversee the barn manager program, and thoroughly enjoyed being the school's flag team coach.

Prior to instructing at Meredith Manor, Elizabeth was a riding instructor, farm staff member, and trail guide at Leatherwood Mountains, located in NC. While living in Ferguson, she also developed a bi-level continuing education program called "Horsemanship and Riding" through the Community College of Wilkesboro.  It was also through Leatherwood that she got a chance to create "Saddle Tips", a segment on the local television program Explore Wilkes. She did a few episodes giving tips on training and riding so people could better enjoy the company of their equine companions. 

**Other Credentials:

  •  Riding and training in multiple disciplines

  • 16+ Years of showing and rodeo experience

  • NRHA member and competitor

  • AQHA member

  • Performed riding and training demonstrations at Visitor’s Days for Meredith Manor

  • Certified Equine Massage Therapist

  • Exercise rider for Mountaineer Racetrack

  • Completed course in equine breeding at Ohio State in 2004

  • Training in farrier sciences

  • Instructed training clinics

  • Presented training videos for Go Wilkes Television Network

  • Capable truck and trailer driver


** Equine Education

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

March 4th 2005 ▪ Riding Master VI

  • Training III Certification

  • Teaching  Certification

  • Equine Massage Therapist Certification 

  • Graduated with High Honors

  • Outstanding Rider Award and Show Champion


**Professional References

 Available Upon Request 


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