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Because horses don't think like humans



Horse Logical Training LLC





Lesson Pricing

At your location:

Prices start at:

$65.00 Private lessons only (60 min)

Lessons can consist of training in the saddle, on the longe-line, or shoulder to shoulder ground work)

Multiple lessons per visit may be required for further distances if you are not on an existing lesson route.

Hidden Meadows Farm:

Haul ins mostly.

Minimal lesson availability on HLT owned horses. Call for details.

$55.00 Private lessons only (60 min)

$40.00 Longe line lesson (30 min)

VCL Flying Horse Farm and Prime Time Equine at Sunrise Stables: 

Prices include ring fee. Haul ins ONLY.

$65.00 Private lessons only (60 min)

$40.00 Longe line lesson (30 min)

Bemer pricing for offsite sessions:

One time Bemer session: $50.00

Bundle of 4 or more Bemer sessions: $40.00 per session

One Bemer session with the purchase of one lesson: $40.00

Equine Massage + Bemer Combo session: $120.00

Haul in to HLT for a reduced rate!

P.S.  There is a human Bemer-set too!!



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