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Training is a process of education that doesn't happen overnight.  When starting a horse, it is always recommended they stay for a minimum of 3 months to get their training underway. 

Starter Training Package - $800 / month 

         The use of classic dressage fundamentals is prominent in the training of the horses here at Horse Logical Training.  Groundwork is essential to training in that it allows us to partner with our horse and learn boundaries of respect. It leads us into training on the lunge line and further strength building exercises. Through these exercises, the horse and human build an even greater line of communication. After this routine is established, the horse and human can then move gradually forward into the riding part of the relationship. 

          A series of steps are taken during the entire training process to help us check our progress. It begins with Rhythm then Relaxation. If there is a lack of either one of these steps, the learning process will be blocked. The horse best retains information when they feel relaxed and safe. Freedom of Gait is the next step which requires the horse to move freely in their gaits without any restriction or tension in the muscles or joints. Once this is achieved, then you can move into Contact, Straightness, and Balance. Contact occurs when the horse has a steady elastic connection between their mouth and the rider’s hand. Side-reins are used when lunging the horse to achieve this step. These are just the first few steps of 10 in this program. When the higher steps are achieved, that is when you can shape and direct your horse’s training into any discipline of your choice.


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