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Equine Massage Therapy


Massage should be a regular part of routine care for your horse.


Used during training, before and after competition, massage helps to keep muscles healthy, and speeds repair of damage incurred during the physical stress of competition.


The various massage and stretching techniques enable the horse to perform to its full potential by:

Improving circulation, enhance muscle tone, relax muscle spasm, prevent and relieve adhesions, and increase range of motion.  Massage can benefit the wellbeing of the horse, release tension and aid mental relaxation. 

More than 60% of a horse’s body weight is muscle.  A minor muscle injury can take up to 90 days to become apparent via attitude change, lameness or decreased performance. Muscle tightening is transmitted from one muscle group to adjoining groups.  Shoulder tension may be transmitted to the adjoining muscles of the forearm.  The result is additional stress being placed on the tendons.  Prompt attention to minor muscle soreness or injuries help prevent them from becoming major problems. 

Offsite massage therapy is also offered by Elizabeth with the accompanying Bemer session of course! Check out our prices!

Horse Logical Training also hosts Mikki Fallow, owner of Dragon Balance Equine, for equine massage therapy clinics during the year. 

Learn more about what Mikki has to offer: 

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